Sorry for the Car Crash, I hope you don't mind  *
We've killed all your family and loved ones,
and left thier pieces behind.
Sorry for the accident, we didn't mean to cause
We'll take all the life and the glory
and let the pain be yours
There comes a time when all is to blame!
I hope you've got insurence, to cover it all
because we cant afford to pay you anything
I hope that you dont, mind about the mess we've made
because we are never gonna patch it up,
in your ward at all
for sincerity sake.
There comes a time when they'll point the blame
It wasn't Me it was Him
These cars they never stop
These cars will always kill
but who dares win, the victor or the victim
around and around they go
around and around they go
O, these cars they never kill slow
I DIE .... It wasn't He it was Him.