I'm the lucky one always having fun
I tie back my hair
I sit and watch t.v.
I see only me
Though i look for you there
Oh where have you gone
Were you cancelled?
I change to channel two
You were the one
Who gave me all my answers
I changed
So did you
Try another show
With the volume low
I make up what they say
Where it used to be your face
Is an empty space
Your co-stars look away
Oh, where have you gone
And do you miss me
And what we used to do?
You were the one
Who'd talk and smile for a half an hour
Always new
I'm the lucky one
I watch a re-run
It looks alot like you
One star lost a family
One family lost a star
That's why i wait and watch
To find out where you are
One family lost a star
One star, they lost their family
That's why i sit at home alone
And watch t.v.
I can watch forever
I can watch for hours
It just gets better
It gives me the power
I can watch or hours
I could watch forever
It gives me pleaseure
It makes me better
I'm the lucky one
Always having fun