In the year of 1315,
there began a year of unpredictable weather.
Did not lift until 1861.
You remember 1816 as the year without a summer.

June, 1816
A sudden snow storm blankets all the country side.
So, Mary Shelley had to stay inside
and she wrote Frankenstein.
Oh, 1816 was the year without a summer.

Grain couldn't ripen under these conditions. No!
It was brought indoors in urns and pots.
It'd go from 95 degrees to freezing within hours. Oooh!
A brutal struggle for the people and their starving livestock. Yeah!

During the most severe years of this little ice age,
we looked for scapegoats to blame.
Many people tried to blame it all on a vast freemason conspiracy,
or Benjamin Franklin and his experiments with electricity.

The eruption of the volcano Tambora, oooh!
blanketed the earth with ash.
That was the real cause discovered by some explorer, oooh!
years later, looking back at the past. Hey!

I will give you
my red color
to take away your sickly pallor.
for you were so very
of cholerific complexion.
Please beware the mounting sun
and of dejection!