If I were a castle dismantled brick-by-brick with your bare hands,
or maybe Rapunzel I let my hair down you up silvery strands.
I tie a knot just to have it unwound.
If you need me I'll be at lost and found.
I made a wish then you shot out the lights
but I escaped when you read Miranda rights.

The silence is something I feel just like a belly full of pills.
I might be making it up, if I am wrong don't wake me up.
Currents move ink out of stones and when you heat them they explode.
If I could just listen to her, this seashell rests against my ear--

Well, there's a sea and a shell at the end
and I can hear down the spiral, my friends,
more happiness than a body can hold
so in the mist...

This is where I go,
this is where I go.