I remember when I was a young man
I was lonely, no one seemed to understand.
Though I searched I couldn't find companions,
No one there for me
That reached a helping hand.
So it came I'd be a loner,
I was wondering through my silent universe,
It took me years to find the answers,
Find that all I needed was within.
I have seen the truth in one perception
And the story is unfolded.
Send my vision to the stars
And they will answer to me now.
Into the fire
And out of the cold,
Stripped to the wire by forces untold.
Into the fire,
I'm forged in the flames
Made from desires of one million dreams.
Don't you know the future
Has been written long ago.
There's no stupid question
In a world that's mad, you know.
And in every end
There lies a new beginning, so
All is heaven sent,
You only can be winning now.
Time to be reborn into the fire
Now you'll be reborn,
You will be forged,
Forged in the fire