All that overwhealming beauty
Knocks me out and takes my breath
In her eyes reflects the new day
Breaks my walls of bitterness 

When I'm near I fear no evil tearing me apart
She's eternal indestructible pounding in my heart


In the lakes of her blue eyes
She's bearing secrets from the night
Like an angel born from darkness
She turns everything to light

Finally she found her way, a new life to begin
Never guilty, not to blame, she's rising out of sin

Hellgirl's exploding in my life, a superheroine 
She's all for me, so be my girl forever
Hellgirl is coming down from space to fill my empty 
life with grace
She's all of me, that hellgirl is forever

Like a star she lights my skies
And I will care forevermore
As my fear for her won't die
I hope she stays fine in her core

Through her eyes I find perception and I understand
I am blessed, she's no deception, never leave, my 

Hellgirl's exploding in my life