Ease no game, you fire I'm  chain, gave attempts 
Please be the times that I surprise myself
My niggers looking like black crows and pack shows
The dawn voice stay pristine like I'm still 17

I'm rich, black, African rocking the golden mat
Leather Gucci's on my back in the trench
These niggers, eating 6 gazelles, dicing any defense
Mike Tyson disciple, trifle with my pen is a rifle
16 ways to shoot you through your 
But do you exhale with niggers the jail's off, ah
You bring the best niggers to the table, I set 4 of my whales on you
Custom what he speakers  rump on polices, dump on creatures
Holidays you preach us, stainless steel watches, hostages turning next, here's the deal
If we can't come in they can't have the feel
Your system, murder excremental,  rap, harmony and horses live efficient
Along with generals who flash uzzies in interviews
My shit is 
Verse 2 gotta be all murder just like verse 1
Yellow like hair on a Malibu surfer,
Yellow like my , yellow like new york city pissed and concrete
Yo, who voted oath and the wind, Las Vegas odors what you know, we leave it right here
We go to the loadest, put a package on your head, be promoted
Peace and effect, panties  off and donuts
I hate to see you acting like a slave to get an advance here, and advance there
Because somebody else controls you