Straight max, burgundy Lex, swing a few bats
I'm Gretzky, hockey mask on in the 'jects, yo
I'm eating like Hortons, Gorton's fisherman hat
A wristband flooded, Jew-jeweler selection
It's obvious I blow shit up
Keep gun smoking, yo, jump in a boat doin' a buck
Hundred sons bagging XK Jags
Brawler face, meatloaf your man up in the back of the wagon
Drugs equal money, money equals sunny days
Timbs, cut off shorts and gorgeous with a ton of haze
Bank book crook, yo, I'm looking
Brooklyn style, go 'head and juggle here, goonie's gon' book you
It's like a tunnel when it's hard to get in
You the target, the hardest niggas know when to win
We in the corners, all eaters, bottles of Seagrams
OG shit, now my niggas will peace you, what

I got the money that the banks can't hold
I got money, na na na na na
I got money, na na na na na
I got money, na na na na na

This ain't a bitch ass boom-bap
It's click-clack, move back
On 40th and Lennox where them killers and goons at
The Boogie Down Bronx is where my family moved at
I made it out the slums and I'll be damned if we move back
Where killers knew rap, and niggas get jewels snatched
My niggas on the runway with bandanas and doo-rags
Jiggy since the perm, Raf Simmons with 2 straps
I kick it with my niggas and that they move pack
The money I be making kinda sacred, don't say it
Just make sure you save it, thank God that you made it
Taxes, pay it - the bullshit, save it
The blueprint, I laid it - the radio, they play it
So relay it, replay it then rate it but truth debate it
Relate it, best way to it, but you too afraid to say it
They hatin', they claim we affiliate with Satan
But it's cool like ice, keep it skatin', amen

This how it's going down
You already know what we do man
Shit is classy, shit is real reluctant, real fly
The pursuit of perfection nigga
Chef, A$AP. Shout out the Mob nigga, ha ha
Yeah, Ice H20
The golden city, yeah nigga, ha ha
Yeah, do that shit, do that shit
Do that shit, do that shit, do it
Do that shit, do it
Do that shit