I'm sick of reality, I don't know what to do 
I guess I'll just shoot some smack and maybe sniff some glue 
If you think you're going nuts from working hard all day 
Just relax and do some drugs 'cause you know what they say 

No brain no pain (4x)

Eating pills like they were candy, drinking lots of beer 
I took so much acid I'll be tripping for a year 
I'm gonna freebase babypowder, shoot up anti-freeze 
Do a line of gunpowder and hope I dont sneeze 

[Repeat Chorus]

I like to mainline vodka and it goes straight to my head 
I like to smoke asbestos but I think I should be dead 
Marijauna's mellow and cocaine is pretty nice 
But you'll be taking Drano now if you take my advice 

[Repeat Chorus 2x]