I've got a bomb shelter in my backyard 
With a years supply of beer, some guns and a deck of cards 
Just me and the band a couple girls with big tits 
We're having a party on the eve of the apocalypse 

The Punx'll survive the nuclear blast 
Then the world will be ours at last 
We'll ransack the local armory 
And get all kids of high tech weaponry 
Living in the rubble of World War III 
Safe in a fortified brewery 
With motion detectors and claymore mines 
To back our No Tresspassing signs 

We'll be tyrants and do as we please 
Enslave the pitiful refugees 
We'll be a new society 
The most decadent in history 
With sex-slave girls on golden chains 
And bloody arena combat games 
Exotic grisly executions 
Are weekend party institutions 

Nuclear castastrophe 
Armageddon World War III 
The end of the world but not for me 
It's my post punkrock nuke fantasy 

On safari in the forbidden zone 
where flesh-eating zombies roam 
Our enemies staked out as bait 
Lure mutants to where we wait 
We let them have their ghoulish feast 
Then open up and spray the beasts 
So just remember if you cross us 
Mutants shall feast on thine carcass 

[Repeat Chorus] 

Burning survivalists out of their shelters 
Omega man singing Helter Skelter 
Road warriors with beers in hand 
Amrageddons offical band