Reminiscing on yesterday
 I can still remember the look on your face as I turned away
 Could my decision have been wrong
 I just wanted to carry on what have I done the feeling's still strong

 It's sad to think, that you don't miss me
 It's hard to see, that you don't even care

 What do I need to carry on why do I hafe to be strong
 Who's gonna hold me baby after the love is gone
 Why should I hide what seemed so real I miss the way you made me feel
 Who's gonna comfort ma after the love is gone

 Quiet evenings under candle light
 Used the be the way we spent the night a memory of what we once shared
 I would give up almost anything to change things back to how they've been so long ago cause things just ain't right

 It's clear to I know I've been a fool in love there are, in love here are nu rules


 Oooh sometimes, some one has a change of heart
 If we were meant to be you won't be torn apart
 But sometimes love can really break you down
 Just open your mind continue to try then you'll survive