I've got some ounces in my pocket so what the f*ck is going on fool. Would you come along we are gonna smoke a f*cking fat bong, but you know backhome, we do call that a "lon" but that doesn't matter as long's the damn smoke is going on and everywhere you go the smoke is going on so you better chill chill, represent the f*cking skills, of the bills, of the hills of the underground pound, shit damn you know the ozone's going down. When I was walking round that corner I saw a wanna be and he was acting kinda silly to me so I said you better step away 'cause I'm here to stay
I'm on the floor you know the score the mind is hardcore and you dance until dawn, but by next day you feel switchstance and you ain't stoppin' because you get no chance, so what you gonna do, stay true to the crew or else you going straight to the zoo. Now that's not cool when you can't get up, you gotta jump. jump straight through the thump. This is me Mel MC, I am here to represent the flow, from the microphone in a smooth tone, so you better listen, there are no pictures, and we need some more funky funky bitches to hang with us and do some blunts I love cunts to the fullest f*cking silly hillybillys. Off the sound from the crew with a flavour, I'm gonna cum, yes I'm gonna save ya
All again. I go again until the end y'all. All again I go again with my friends
When I listen to the sound I don't know what's up or down. I'm looking left and right but all I see is a silly fight. Everywhere I go people are playing a silly show and I don't like that so I have to let them go far away so we can have a f*cking crazy chillin day. Every hour every minute we do play, around your body, to your mind, now what'cha gotta say about the point in the joint burn (turn)

Damn! Do the girls like the f*cking sperm, I do believe now it's our f*cking turn. And in the shower I got the power over her flower. I've got one two three full cilos. I gotta lay low, I gotta feel low, yes you got to see I got the one two toast we are living in it on the f*cking cold west coast, frosty as hell and we ain't got a f*cking good host
All again. I go again until the end y'all. All again. I go again, with my friends
Now I'll come around when it's least expected then with some more courage you will get affected, from your head to toe, damn I'm stoned, but I don't care it ain't fair of the clear chair air. Compilate funky nations, strange vibrations. What have we done for the situation. I don't know, you have side your f*cking mind, what do you wanna do except to fight for your right, uhhh. To live a good life on this planet? Because I like it, I like it like that. And I ain't going out like wack. Now ain't buying that so we have to let them roll, far away from our f*cking hole. So, I gotta come I gotta save ya. I'm gonna play ya. Peace to the skater