Yo, where you're going man, come on.
You know what should be your next fix,
A job nine to five, fuck the compensations and extras.
And all the conversations with social workers et cetera,
You need to get some deeds done if you wanna get better.
I bet that you sleep 16 hours out of 24,
Wanna change things feels like nobody knows you anymore.
Yeah but I've known you since way before I got high with you.
You're my friend till death do us part, I ride with you.
But it ain't no good times no more, just the struggle for relief,
Every time you decide to run your credit you headed for grief.
Man it's a long way, and if doing drugs was a test
You skip forward, race ahead so you be dead with the rest,
So come on now.

Let's get the stars, forget who we are. There's nothing to it.

So where you at now? Last I heard you was abroad.
Used to be the ladies man, now you've upset more dealers than broads.
They say, next time they meet you they gon' greet you in numbers
About somebody you owe, is that the reason you're staying under?
Used to have a lot of tight friends but now the bonds have loosened,
You know that shit ain't right man, I heard rumours confusin'.
They acting like they care about you and your predicaments.
I'm sick of this bullshit, every other dude is a hypocrite.
But hey, we had some good times I hope you understood man,
I had to leave you like I did, but damn I made a good friend.
So keep the champagne on ice,
and I'll catch you on the flipside when you make things right.
So come on now.

You caught me pissing in the wind man but now I got the pool.
I'm doing just splendid, how the fuck are you?
You see, I took the hatchet and I cut my self loose,
I got rid of both attachments and I'm back to pursue.
I've been doing this for too long to just give up and move on,
And I'm rolling the dice now, right now to ruled out.
So let's cool down, relax and kick in,
And enjoy this life like it is while we still can.
So come on now.