Can't take it out, forever your name
Can't rip it out, forever your language
Can't take it out, forever your country
Can't rip it out, it suits you, it suits you
My name is your symptom, your currency, your fragrance
Who are you? who are you?
Stranger, will your please trade your names with me?
Recover my body and rifle through my pockets
No identification and no proof of identity
No marks on the body, no patterns in the fingerprints
No blood, no scars, no teeth, no nothing
Still, I know you, I know you
My name is a nation
My name is a correction
My name is a condition
My name is a request that you tell me nonfiction
Speak nonfiction
Teach nonfiction
Bleed nonfiction
Tags: mercenary, employee, lover, brother, civilian
My name is in exile
My name is an expat
My name is held captive
My name is a prisoner 'til you tell me nonfiction