Baptized in excrements 
I am the chosen one that brings salvation 
The scourge of him who owns your souls 
Defecating flame of god – chastisement 
I bathe my leprous limbs in blood read the prevision in my guts – world demise 
Receive the Holy Communion 
And share the corpse of Christ with me – taste his flesh 
Fervent angel I ‘m breathing fire 
Acid is pouring through my veins 
Putrid bringer of retaliation 
Sanctify the human blain 
Pest control of our creator 
I purge the bowels of the earth 
Strip the skin of every traitor 
Blood stained from vaginal birth 
And outrage 
Has spree 
Relentless gutting 
Visitation for your sins 
The time has come to face your master 
Let the massacre begin 
To pave my way with bones 
To drink untouchable's blood to gouge out the eyes of the blind 
To bring credence mankind 
Painful deliverance tonight everything ends