From the minute I was breathing I was grieving
Cause I never understood the reason I was even living
Disbelieving everything that I was hearing, I was seeing
I could not
See the positive it's only negativity
And when you think about it, you should probably get away from me
I'm really not the person that you're thinking and I'm wishin
You would stop
I think I'm losin' it and music's the only thing gettin' me through it
And I'm tryin' to keep cool and not be the victim of a
Self-inflicted gunshot
But this pain makes me insane, deranged with anger
I can't maintain or contain the range ingrained inside
My brain's in shock
Cause this life is a crisis, cuts deep like a knife that slices
Makin' everything inside of you lifeless
You then drop
Cradle to the grave, one in the same
And life was just death with a different name
The game we must play and time is tickin' away
So do not (Look back)

Cradle to grave, one in the same
Traced unchangeably in black ink

In the shadows I recess
In dark solace I will keep
In between the lines of black ink

As I take a look around at everything and everyone
I'm thinking I don't really know a thing and what is goin' on
I cannot handle livin' in this world that's designed
To be demised, I'm livin' a lie
And to my surprise, guys, I'm thinkin' I might
Just shut my eyes and stay blind to this violent side
Cause deep inside, there lurks a monster; He goes by Prozak
Steven's impostor, preposterous thoughts of murderous plots of all kinds
So don't tell me while I'm temporarily out of order
My mind is sorta just out of sorts
An electric short of some kind
Black ink is the blood of the misfit
Infected at birth with a melodic sickness
That separates us at every instance behind
Every smile is a frown, hollow are the graves in the cemetery ground
Always lost in the fog we are never found
A slave to this maze of machines we are bound (Black ink)