I huh, I engage a page turner, burn a stage to fragrance
Raises similar to native sages, sage-in'
Unlocking a cage of praises, for rock of ages
Let random rambling rappers rant and raving
Uh inflame verbs to your nerves endins’
Literally feeling these words in my tendons
And rattling occupants of the venue sinews
While the Eulogy be orchestrating in continuous crescendos
That excellent been down since Exodus
Like what if the Egyptians and Israelites joined forces
That would force a forfeit
And it's hard to drive hard when your hard drive
Keeps needing a force quit
But I, I, don't learn to speak immigrant
The language of the broken like the system in their English
I speak with Heaven's accent, angelic dialect
Repping my coast as if that spirit around the oceans
Ex, ex, excellence, that's what you should expect from us
Least we can do to say thank you for how He blessed us
All else is blasphemy, disagree? Get at me
And he with low standards, don't get no mikes on
The stages I stand on, to battle where the stakes
With the rights to keep the mic for a couple more bars
No YouTube channels for rap battles or cash prices
Just keeping your cool when heat rises
Necks breaks concussions, gashes and bruises
It's real manhood, with the monthly bills to prove it
Start with me, my art archery aims for the dark meat
Your albums are full of more bites than shark week
My writing remains with such serious symbolism
Styles are plenty, pages get the let out like Jimmy
Homie, I am not kidding, there's no play dates
Muscle up and hustle or street name, the dBA, excellent!