I'm all city like graffiti, better yet all country
'Bout to go all planet if it goes the way I planned it
Fanatic fan addict but a man at it
Loop Troop's a sickness now we're lettin' Japan have it
Givin' a bad habit no matter who distributes
No matter what record label I gotta spit the truth
The illest troop you can't keep a good sound down
In Tokyo my shit is heard around town
I'm screamin' on emcees: unless you drop gems please
Shut the fuck up, hand over your benz' keys
The way I see things in Europe, nobody's fuckin' with this
And in the states, well I don't really want to dis
But some rappers take hip hop for granted
Watch me run up in their spot like Moh and Mike mechanic
Panic! When my rhymes cross the Atlantic
Then cross the pacific if it goes the way I planned it
Fanatic fan addict but a man at it
Loop Troop's a sickness now we lettin' Japan have it!

You diggin' me man, Loop Troop big in Japan
Kick the real shit and get three million fans
World supremacy P-R-O-M-O
I said you diggin' me man Loop Troop is big in Japan
Spit that rah rah shit and get six million fans
World supremacy S-U-P-R-E-M-E

Hell yeah this be Supreme from the Loop Troop singers
Known for hit singles and stiff middle fingers
Just ring us, then bring us for the time of your life
We'll forever be a part of your life 'cause of your two timing wife
Tout le monde we world wide
Your fan base is your man's place they thought your tape was aight
Since you ain't nothing in the streets you pose to be a club thug
All hyped up but never really done shit like that millennium bug
'Cause of the drugs, sex and alcohol
I'm in this to rip the clubs, decks and microphones
In Tokyo and former Russia
Informers rush the set 'cause of we hollerin' anarchy like Busta
And cuss the downpressor men from the top of my lungs
Till they start makin' sense and be dropppin' their guns
Once my crew gets to speak out they freak out
This ain't supposed to leak out we ain't supposed to sneak out
The back door with black dough, Loop Troop is like whoa
Conquerin' the world in two triple O's
So do panic, that bull shit can it
My crew's a sickness and now we letting Japan have it

You diggin' me man Loop Troop is big in Japan
teach the youths the truth and get ten million fans
World supremacy 'cause to the M-I-C

It's the D-V-S-G entrepreneurs
Cruisin' through the underground systems to the Japanese sewers
Nobody boo us they more like sayonara
Glad you came, it's the bomb! Aight peace we feel honored
We stand as one build as one swarm
And travel to the other side of the planet to perform
I look to the east (why?) yo do I even have to mention it
This western world got us trapped in censorship
'Cause everything that I say is political
And everything that I write makes me a suspected criminal
Subliminal advertising behind enemy lines
You'll find the message between the lines when you rewind
Starting point right here we just landed
Loop Troop's the illest virus now we're lettin' Japan have it

Diggin' me man, Loop Troop big in Japan
Building a plan to get millions of fans
Blao blao bo bo bo, Supreme, Cosmic, Embee and Promoe
Do ligger i lä Looptroop sticker iväg
över till Japan är jiggy där mä