You know i get is like
It's more niggas on respect, it is, it is
But it's a shame that niggas be on respect out of fear
Like you know i'm saying you gotta put fear in a nigga heart
It's like niggas is respecting niggas but it's out of fear
Like, if a nigga know they catchin some bodies over there
“Oh well we man we go respect them” that's like some slick yes man shit
Like, don't respect a nigga cause he can kill some cause you know guns kill people
Guns can kill anybody you get a pistol I don't give a damn what you is you can die

You gotta give respect to get respect now but nigga cross you on your respect tip
Well then hell man you got to take care of yo bidniz and guess what if he real
Even your opposition go say “well man my nigga man he was they was just ran, violated him so you know i'm saying that's what that was” cause see real niggas do real things man
And real niggas keep it real you know i'm saying not half the way, all way round the You i'm saying