Ima tell you nigga man, know i'm saying
These niggas got to jail
They just get back out here you and get yo hands out you get on drugs you fall off
Man I don't even f*ck around with these niggas out here man you know i'm saying
I've been to every mother f*cking prison yes my nigga state, federal all that shit
I don't let shit shove me down you i'm saying
My shit don't stop cause a pimp got popped you hear me
Nigga you gotta get money my nigga you know i'm saying
Man I know niggas with life sentences putting bread on the outside
And they family outside putting bread on their table putting money in their hands you know i'm saying
I'm locked up nigga sending me kites and telling my folks to hit them up
They need me, they need me to throw em some money you know i'm saying
Man I don't let shit shove me down my nigga

That's a no no you heard me that's a no no
Nigga be out here man know i'm saying like
"Man you see me I did all that time and this this this...."
Man you gotta shake that shit like a bad ass drug habit like a nasty ass bitch
Like a snake ass bitch you gotta shake that shit my nigga
Real talk, it's still the same my nigga ain't nobody go give you shit cause you got out a jail
Shiit, who the f*ck you suppose to be
Because you got outta jail "man it's so hard on me" man nobody tryna hear that shit man
That's a saddie my nigga that's how it go
You know they already labeling us black me anyways so
Shit if you got a charge or couple charge you already know what it's gonna be my nigga
Don't cry bout this shit, man get bout your money you know i'm saying
My nigga know what it is out here man, Ta Tahh!