Promised myself to be a man, and go inside this ugly room,
craving and taking what I can, solidarity's not allowed in here,
you proved your point with guns and chains, shutting you down is safer,
These accusations you don't hear, come on down, I'm right here, I'M RIGHT HERE...

There's no need to understand this,
I feel this pain, it's crystal clear,
Your everything is based on aggressions,
We continue our lives in fear

Alone I bleed, I need to kill, for suicidal sympathies,
Severely beating down my will, somehow I'll be a better me,
There's not so much to focus on, wanting a change is a different thing,
These words are vain and paralysed, just like you and just like me, JUST LIKE ME!

There's no need to understand this!
We feel this pain, it's crystal clear,
When egoism equals religion,
We can bury our lives in fear, fear, fear...

From you I won't get common sense, from you I won't get a better day,
You'll neglect all your promises, we'll fade away without a trace...

NOW GO (in fear)...