Every project needs a moment like this

God to all you atheists
Drivin' under the stars, keep eagles for any patriot
Tryna take an L
Hittin' opposition is the worst competition
But it's still fuck you pussies
Never kiss and tell, though (Watch me)
Feel me, nigga
Y'all fake as a mothafucka
That's why I ain't fuckin' with all y'all
My younger sister Nini's in back
Joogin' plays on crooked phones
May not be perfect, but I still call it home
Single life has been cool, minus stability
People that say they love me send me pics of my ex new nigga
Not because they lookin' out or tryin' to see if it's killin' me, but
To poke holes at me like I'm one of they enemies
Not knowin' we split six months ago, but we stayed cool
Niggas thirty plus puttin' trust in The fuckin' Shade Room
Is not the vibe
I'm gettin' bigger so that come with this
Gated communities and mics is where my comfort sits
I can't lie, I did fuck my baby mama from time to time
Not consistent but when I find the time
I know a few folks that's not surprised
And a few that's gon' try Rowanda line
She still ain't shit and I ain't neither, but she fine as wine
Stupid, right? (Hella stupid)
I must confess, that makes it rough
Stay G-P-Sin' perfection, but no address comes up
For every wrong I do, I try to leave in these songs (Leave in these songs)
For you to learn from it one, and two, for me to move on (For me to move on)
Outta towners hear my voice then they know what's up
Free lunches, speed bumps, buyin' drugs from the donut truck
Wave creators with more animals (Woof) than Noah's Ark
It's a big, rich town, yeah, I just came from the darkest
R-I-P to Dev, Phil Power and Ghost (Power and Ghost)
Put fifty cent on your head like Power and Ghost (Power and Ghost)
They full of ohh-la-la, Carmelo through all the thunder
Just playin' my game to bullshit, I'm Stevie Wonder (Why?)
Bird Lou, Dog Nick, Fat Miller, Walk
Chuck Actor, Bang Luck, yeah my brothers 'til life take us under
And to you leeches that play cool thinkin' I'm a fool
I'm done birthin' niggas and bitches, I'm back to usin' rubbers (It's over)
Grammy nod, they say I lost, I tell 'em, "How?"
When I'm puttin' mama on red carpets, shit, look at her smile
Her admiration authentic like, "Wow, look at my child!"
As Entertainment Tonight was like, "Wow, look at her gown!" (Wow)
It all started from closet recordings in trap apartments
To Platinum plaques and me and mom, floor seat at The Garden
It's like (It's like), "This can't be life", yes it is, though (Yeah, yeah)
It's Diamond Lane for life, that's on my kids
But on the real, some of my kids I see more than the others (On God)
And it's my fault, I ain't gon' keep blamin' they mothers (On God)
It's my loss, and the time I'm missin' is hurtin'
Force my way or give 'em distance, ain't none of 'em workin'
Lose myself on the beat, like "Fuck it, I'm workin'"
On myself, it's been rough, I'm just scratchin' the surface
Can we cross and get back to my purpose?
Actions over captions, relax, it ain't happenin', Chachi, keep smokin'
Everybody and anybody in my way (Way)
Y'all finally startin' to realize that Chachi's here to stay
I went away, did a play, had a couple niggas did away
Fans thinkin' Chachi lost or he done lost it, not at all (Nah)
I just wanna evolve, want a challenge
The separation too-too gonna help me find my balance
Diamond Lane

(Night-night, muah)