The architects of war has spoken once again
We must defend democracy
It's time for payback to the once they
Call their friends
To please the weapon industries

And there you stand
Ready to die for freedom
A simple man
Dying for shady reasons

You follow orders
Off you go to foreign shores
They call you to protect and serve
Liscence to murder on the right side of the law
The country's set on red alert

Kill or get killed
Nobody to hold on to
Everyday hell
Torture and hate surround you

Why die for a lie
Die in a war
Dying for something not woth dying for.

Why die for a lie

The war is won
But still you fight on foreign fields
While everything around you dies

Inside you cry
Mentally hurt and shattered
Emotionally dead
Survival is all that matters


And when you're coming home
You still hear the screaming
You're suffering alone
You still feel the pain