Hell bend rebel
In a dead society
That boy is psycho driven wild
Hatred his weapon
Death his only company
His fate was sealed as a child

Now look into his eyes
And you will be scared of the distorted face
That's staring back at you
Another sacrifice
Another casualty of one damned youth

One world one truth
In a state of ignorance
The spirit of impurity
One world one truth
And we ain't got no masterplan
We can't avoid our desitny

Famine and poverty
The agenda of our time
We all got blood on our hands
With no humanity
Our egocentric minds
Decadent selfish demands

We're the architects of fate
In a playground for murder violence blood
Shed and hate
We watchour cities burn
Getting past the point of no return.

Murder, terror, violence, hatred, anarchy,
Gluttony, injustice, wrath, sleuth, greed, lust,
Pride, rage, kill, death