I ain´t gotta lot to say,
and i don´t like this game your playing,
I realy need you, Baby.

Were a thought could be forever,
Now I realize we´ll never,
Never be the same again,

And I know, that i have to regret
When you go,
And there is no one instead.


If it ain´t gonna change,
I´ve been losing my mind
The way to your heart is so hard to find
If it ain´t gonna change, and if you want be back someday
I can´t carry on, if it ain´t gonna change someday.

Hey girl you hold the key,
To unlock me from this misery,
And free me from this change, yeah.
There is a chance that we can make it,
And then why don´t we just take it baby?

It could be so easy you´ll see, and i know,
All the things that I said, when you go,
Is too late to regret.


Tell me do I ever cross your mind,
Do you think on me?
You gonna give me all your love right now,
That´s all I need. Oh yeah!

Girl you know, there´s a place in my heart,
We could go, we could start from a star.