I look into the mirror
The reflection lies
I feel a rising fear
I seek a different I

When I look at myself
I don't like what I see
Give me the strength to change
To find a better me

Give me the courage
To expand my point of view
Teach me to cope with the results
From what I do

I found that cruelty
Has a human heart
Ever since innoscence
Was ripped and torn apart

I pledge my heart to serve the truth
I'll stay this course forever
All in the name of love
Pay my allegiance to the truth

carry the torch together
All in the name of love
I can't erase the past
I cannot clean the slate
Nor change the damage done
My fortune and my fate
But I can change direction
Choose another path
And may the strength of heaven
Resurrect me back


The dark and light
The wrong and the right
The essence of mankind
The pros and the cons
The moon and the sun
The eclipse of the human mind