Prone to the grave, the dark side you walk
in the light of the morning we fall
Confront teh brave, the rebel we stalk,
when we came - we saw - we conquered them all
Blessed when we die, confessed not a lie
in the still of the night we aware
Don't dare to cry, when fever up high
no escape - no break - your life we will take

Gone with the night
when the unholy demons of dawn
when the sunlight is dead we're reborn

We are dead until dark - when the night is calling
dead until dark - and at midnight high
dead until dark - and at dawn we all will die

We are dead until dark - when the Saints are crawling
dead until dark - and the demons fly
dead until dark - we unite the bloodred sky

Cursed by our fate, the undead crusade
for the sanctum deep under your skin
Raise up the blade, by night we invade
for the last - of times - the fight may begin
Murder bizarre, nocturnal we are
when we rise like the phantoms of dust
Sent from the dead, we long for the red
for in blood - in god - in heaven we trust