Yeah you've been waiting to hear from me
All original material called it like I see
I'll admit that most of you's alright
But when I saw those knobs it ruined the rest of my night
It's your knees

Yeah it's your knees that's it
Oh it's your knees
It's your knees no way
Oh they don't do it for me

My opinions are written as law
Tallying up all the pictures that I saw

I'll admit the rest of you is fine
Unwillingly judged by the criteria in my mind
It's your knees

I said it's your knees, that's it
There's not as perfect as me
Yeah it's your knees, no way
If I could have you I wouldn't want you anyway

Oh it's your knees
Oh it's just those knees
Do you believe
What you know to be real
How does it feel