Whatever happened to yours truly?
Now I'm so spun, so high strung
That I can't even sleep
I just lie in be awake
Grinding down my teeth
Get back up to go back out
And walk the same old streets
Always searching, something missing
Never satisfied

Whatever happened to you?
Now you laugh at how you used to care
You laugh at how you tried
You talk about how you weren't always
Tired all the time
You laugh at how we're going nowhere
And then you ask me why
We never do anything fun anymore
Well we're not much fun anymore

Whatever happened to you and me?
Whatever happened to our community?
Do you think that
We'll go down in history?
Or will we just be forgotten?
I don't want to be forgotten
I'm so scared of being forgotten
That's my problem, I'm so scared

We used to say look both ways
Before you cross our path
Now we both turn away
And there's nothing left
To bridge the gap
Whatever happened to us

Do you think that it's too late
To start over again?
You say you're tired of having to
Start over again
That's your problem, you're so tired
That's my problem, I'm so scared
That it's too late, it's too late
It's too late to start over again