Now now I want to see all the
Skyscrapers and the factories
Crumble down to the ground and
We'll go walk around and pick
Through the wreckage scattered
In the streets. Now now I want
To see malls with paint peeling
Off of cracked walls, all the plants
Overgrowing and the fountains
Overflowing and we can rumble
Through the stubble and play
Hide and go seek.

Well once I saw an old guy digging
Through the trash, then I
Watched him walk on down the
Street. He'd gathered cups, got
Water, and was watering all the plants
Growing through the cracks in the
Concrete. (True story.)

Now now I want to be at the
Edge of the land clawing out at the
Sea and we can get acoustic guitars
And play in the ruins of the
World today

Yes, it's my armageddon scheme.
It's my twisted future dream.
It's right around the corner,
Wait and see.