Once I had a brother
And we grew up
Looking out for each other
And when he fucked up
I did my best to cover his lies

I hid him from the cops
When he was a runaway
Put him up when he was on the
Streets with no place to stay
And when he lied and stole
I looked the other way

Cuz in time
I knew he would find a way
To get his life together
And we would be alright
If we just stuck together
And somehow we would both Make it through

Maybe I tried too hard
To be a brother
There comes a time you gotta burn your bridges to discover
What you are inside

I though I knew my brother
But I was wrong
Maybe I'd been lying to myself
All along
When he burned his bridges
He burned me at the same

Well brother, brother
How could you be so hateful
So ungrateful
After all that we'd been through?
Someday you'll get
What's coming to you
Someday you'll get
What's coming to you

You stole my money then my friends
And now my girlfriend too
You say you treat everyone
Like a brother
And it's true cuz you
Screw over everyone
The way that you screwed me

You're a tumour, a leech,
A sore that won't go away
Leaving a path of discarded people
In your wake
You're a thief,
A thief who stole my trust
And that's the worst thing
You could take

But every underdog
Must have his day
So you'd better stay the hell
Out of my way
Cuz this dog's day is coming soon
And this dog won't let
Bad feelings pass
This dog wants grudges to last
Cuz this dog won't forget
How he was done in.

Well you selfish litlle
I hope I never live
To see you hurt another
Cuz life you touch
Iis life you smother
Like mine