Am I sure 
I wanna touch... this 
Nine years old boy 
Nine years old threat? 
Is it only a slide show effect? 
Is it only the truth inside? 
Im I just that fucking fiend I fear 
In this perverse masquerade? 
It can't so sweet... 
Not at all... it can't so sweet... 
Can't mean you're ready for a crime 
Can't the diapodiapodia stop for a while? 
From the very first second of your morning 
(From the very first second I see my hands around his throat) 
Til the very last second of your evening : Rape Child Blood 
Pick the correct answer 
Even if you try to make them fade away with a KAMEAMEA of 
Good reasons 
You should just shut your mind up and watch'em float... 
"Let them come and they will go" 
A little pill to sleep or a twenty to die?