Quite suddenly, it may at the turning of a lane
Where I stand to watch a skylark soar from out of the swelling grain
That the trump of God shall thrill me with its call so loud and clear
And I'm called away to meet Him whom of all I hold most dear

Quite suddenly, it may be in His houses I bend my knee
When a Kingly voice long hoped for comes at last to summon me
And the fellowship of earthlife that has seemed so passing sweet

Proves nothing but the shadow of our meeting 'round His feet

Quite suddenly, quite suddenly

Quite suddenly, it may be as I lie in dreamless sleep
God's gift to many a sorrowing heart with no more tears to weep
That a call shall break my slumber and a voice sound in my ear
Rise up, my love, and come away behold the Bridegroom's here

Quite suddenly, quite suddenly, aahh ...

Quite suddenly