you're a burning rose
an island of stone
i am just a man
lost and alone
lok through the tears
as two worlds collide
stand like a rock
so empty inside

never gave yourself
so afraide to fall
lost in emotion
never loved at all
you're like winter
a cold dark night
they say loneliness
is some times for life

time to stop pretending
and face the truth
can't hide my feelings
i'm in love with you
still al the heartaches
cut me like a knife
got to face my fears
start living my life

the silence hides
a brocken heart
still the bitterness
tears you apart
maybe someday
in time you will learn
just to be loved
and to be loved in return

looking back on memories
brings only regret
i know it's over
but you're so hard to forget
you said that loves forever
not a word,walked away
so why am i still holding on
for one more day

so near so far
so near so far
so near so far
even love can find
a way into your heart