you say i'm crazy
i'm insane
a freak a psycho
i'm deranged
you don't understand
the thrills my addiction
forever damned

chasing the demons
makes me fell alive
burning with passion
as innocence dies
faithless fallen
deaths my salvation
ssnctify me crucify me
life's my damnation

nothing taboo
fear's my templation
the kill turns me on
beyond imagination
emotions blind you
driven on by hate
the clock's still ticking
death's never late

i've got no conscience
feel no remorse
your shooting in the dark
clutching at straws
lost your way
lost direction
slowly drowning,drowning
in deception

it's like a drug
feeds my disires
you stand and you watch
th bodies get higher
i'm still running wild
on the road to hell
God's my witness
but he'll never tell

stop thinking logical
get into my mind
think like i think
are you scared what you'll find
look in the mirror
what do you see
there's just a scream
between you and me

killing for the thrill
turns me on
gets me high

killing for the thrill
Blows my mind
takes me higher