In God's name
Divine believers
I cast you out
O false deceiver
The Lord Messiah
Of all creation
Will judge you now
Until damnation
Submit to me
O son of tight
I am the pentagram
Of life
Arch angel Lucifer
In flame
The Devil Beelzebub
By name
I am salvation
I am the light
The power and the glory
Eternal life
I am creation
I am the way
I am the one God
I'm judgement day
Oh Lord in Heaven

Hear my prayer
Who's body and blood
In faith we share
Though I walk
In death's dark vale
Let not my faith
In you now fall
The curse of chains
And fire damnation
On you O prophet
Of salvation
Forsake your God
Lay down before me
Bare your soul
O come adore me
Odeam Abat
Agila Achie
Odeam Abat
Agila Achie
Luminet ignis Tuus
Omnem terram
Da mihi refugium
In salute Tua
Stem in tumine
Gloriae Tuae
Et miseri cordial
Tua sit
Nunc sempitema