You walk along your way
One fine Day
A way you’d never choose
Ahead of you
You don’t know how
You don’t know why
Your life’s just passing by

It’s the easy way
Promising to ease your pain
Promising you love
You don’t know when
You don’t know where
Temptation will be there

It’s so easy
… easy to be dumb
… easy to play numb

It’s so easy
… easy to be cruel
… easy to be you

You’ra walking down the lane
That leads you astray
Considering what you
Now never could do
I know the lies, I know the games
And games you will be playing

There are easy ways
To hurt someone
And easy ways
To leave someone behind
But think about what you might loose
No easy way to choose

It’s so easy ….

It’s so easy to deny … to close your eyes
Attempting to deveice … and make believe
It’s so easy to pretend … no consequences …

It’s so easy to be … You