I left the church this morning
On my way back home
When I got there
My wife was cryin'
She told me something went wrong
Whoa, Something went wrong

I sat and watched in amazement
How the sky turned so black
People runnin' everywhere
Oh so scared
Felt like the world...
It felt like the world was ending

He sees the light come shining
And he tries to show us all
Yeah, he does
There's no reason for killing or war
He tries to save us all

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
But he tried
I'm tired of seein such heartaches
I'm tired of watchin mothers cry
Sendin someone off to die for us
That's not the way
That's not the way it should be

He sees the sun come shining
He tries to show us all peace on earth
He shows the love that could set us all free
We got to be one for all

Ooh, ooh, ooh...
Ah, ah, ah...

Look out!

We got to pray toether
(We got to pray toether)
We got to become one for all, all for one
(We got to become one for all)
We got to stay toether, oh, dear lord
(We got to stay together, oh, dear lord)

We got to save our world
(We got to save our world)
Oh, save our world
(One for all)
Ooh, Just save our world
(All for one)
Save our world
(One for all)
All for one
(All for one)
One for all
(One for all)

One for all
(One for all)