Sanctuary Act I: Goddess Wrath

World will fall into perpetual darkness 
Dawn will be no more 
Frost will cover the face of the earth 
And the everlasting winter will freeze their hearts 

The creation sons will pay one by one 
They'll all come to you when I'm done 
For no sin is left unjudged 
Their suffering will be unleashed 

Rage - Rage consumes my flesh like a worm 
Fire - No fire will keep you warm 
Crawl - You'll crawl under my feet Starvation 
Rip my heart out, rip my life out 
Rip my eyes for I'll never see her again 
I've cried a river of pain, no more tears I can shed 
Lord of the Underworld, beg... 

Pain Hate - I hate you 
Horror Disgrace 
Despair Madness - I despise you 
Agony Desperation