Never knew what words to say you always used to be afraid
Just like a child who's scared of falling down again
Free will in a big wide world
And life in a divided heart
Threw caution to the wind
You then reform the stars
So many nights in crowded rooms
Small hours amongst cigarette fumes
Brother we're searching for a reason

Some things in this life were never meant to be
And the friends that our hearts make
We can no longer see desires within
Our eyes roam free
You knew the beauty keeps completely
To be the person that others would need
Hard to find a purse sometimes
Counting the cost of pride
Holding the truth so quietly inside
There's a fear to speak against the tide
Now we see the guiding hand in the night

You can go all around the world
They'll give you golden rings and pearls
You search for your dreams
When you get there, there not always what they seem
Cause it all comes back to your heart
Perhaps someday when a dear friends passed away
Through the tears you see it clear
Feel the love let go your fears
The gift of love that lasts eternity
And you know the greatest love of all

Those unspoken words