You say it's not worth it,
Been burned too many times.
You say your spine's receding,
You can borrow some of mine.
Don't go and quit right now,
Well I'd follow you through hell.
And you can lie to everyone you meet,
but you're only fooling yourself.

Woah oh oh.

I dance the same dance every night;
It's only you you're killing.
Super glue the queen of hearts and the information she's spilling,
Matt Dillon.

You say so many things,
Well, not a word was true.
If you're still in that state of mind,
Then I'd still vacation inside of you.
Well, I think you're worth every minute,
And every dime I spend.
I'll spend all my time fighting dragons,
Just to keep you alive and talking.

Your imagination's running wild round your deceptive heart.
This is my crusade and you're the unreachable star,
But I'm reaching.

Tinker Bell,
Dry your tears,
Outside it's only raining,
And I'm still here.