There she stands in the spotlight
Now the music begins
Her left leg won't stop trembling
But there's nowhere to run

The soldier sobbing at the station
Is taken down to the hall
He limps in late in the darkness
And takes his seat in the stalls

Righteous woman starts softly like a dove at dawn
Righteous woman, building up pressure like a slow moving storm
Righteous woman, giving birth to the dark unborn
Righteous woman, righteous woman

In a blanket in a box on the hospital doorstep
Lies a baby new born
The nurse gently picks up the bundle?
But the mother is gone

In the darkness his head falls
As the chorus arrives
He wakes up late in the third act
To those radiant eyes

Righteous woman, laying down the law, getting on a glow
Righteous woman, surrendering to the full, ecstatic flow
Now she looks out and sees the brass buttons glinting in the tenth row
Righteous woman, righteous woman

Righteous woman hears the knock on her dressing room door
She takes the note and reads it then let's it drop to the floor
Now she drifts on down slowly to the backstage door
Righteous woman, righteous woman