"Where could I start?"
Those are the words I write
A late sentiment a bit misplaced
But that comes as no surprise
At a loss, I'm overwhelmed
Like my memory over time
Just remember that I'll keep you in
A place that I can find
Steady on my mind

You know when it all moves too quick
And can get out of hand?
Sometimes I need a reprieve
I know you'll understand
You lift the weight in the distance
When my eloquence subsides
And I'll always hold you close
When you can't be by my side
Steady on my mind

Wherever you may stay
That's where I'll return
I've never felt committed to much
But that don't mean that I can't learn
To dedicate and reciprocate
What you send my way
And I promise that I'll say "hello"
As often as "goodbye"
Steady on my mind