Lassitude overwhelming me, my consideration to relent once
 more strengthened with time. But the pervasiveness of the
 promise, "Thou shalt not be enticed beyond thy strength to
 withstand," held firm and true in my heart; the foundation of truth,
 beaten and lashed and covered over by the waves of uncertainty,
 yet still unmoved and untouched.

 "Stay with me," implored De-syr.

 These, the final moments of my darkest hour serve to reinforce
 my confidence in power. I overcome temptation but the dragon
 threatens "For thine is the hour but mine is the day."

 I fought long to leave the dark side for life is a moment and death
 the eternity.

 Far from the sky my soul is calling. Far from the sky my tear
 drops falling. Vilified faces everywhere are turning their gazes
 from the air. They relinquish their hearts without a care as they're
 turning their faces. Far from the sky; my thoughts are waning. Far
 from the sky my life is draining. Ever the nightfall kills the sun and
 the stars are seducing everyone. They clamber to heed the
 mindless ones as ever the night falls far.