Waiting in a restaurant
Sitting at the bar
A glance at the label
On the back of a mustard jar
Suddenly a memory
Springs to lifge again
The name of the town
Of a long forgotten flame

Flashback in an instant
To a boy who grow up there
We met while scaping
The stale suburban air
Our friendship blossomed
Then stopped in its tracks
One mention of his hometown
And it all comes flooding back
From Glenview

It hits you like it's yesterday
It hits you by surprise
It hits you so completely
It brings tears to your eye
And I wonder if I miss him
Or just miss the way I felt
That pure and noble feeling
When there's just nobody else

After graduation
We didn't stay in touch
To try to keep in contact
Would have hurt too much
He knew how much I loved him
And he once gave me a kiss
He said "I wish you all the luck
In finding your prince..."
But not in Glenview