You're a fallen angel 
in a black abyss. 
Feel the touch of evil 
taste the serpents kiss. 

Dissident deceiver 
in your world of sin. 
You're a nonbeliever 
you can never win 

Falling down a spiral, 
Falling down. 
Save me if you can. 

Have you no emotion? 
Have you any shame? 
Take a look around you 
tell me who's to blame. 

Plant the seeds of hatred, 
reap what you have sown. 
There is no salvation, 
for the devil's own. 

(repeat chorus) 

Cast your eyes upon me now... 
see me as I am. 
For your sins you'll burn with me, 
mortal souls be damned. 

Play with fire... 
are you ever gonna learn? 
Sinner, liar.... 
in the end you're gonna burn. 

You're gonna burn now!