I cannot pretend like I'm happy in ignorance, like this is bliss.
And I can't be content with all these questions, 'cause no one can answer them.

I've had enough
Tongues and whispers
Funeral song
I've been waiting on the world to sink
I've been waiting on the world to sink

There's only disappointment outside of these walls, 
So don't go sneaking, oh don't go searching for a door to the outside.
And I've lost all faith, 
'Cause it feels like such a lie.
How can we find our way when we're following the blind?
How can we expect to lives our lives when we're all just born to die?
Alone or not, I feel like I'm awake for the first time.

Will you
Spare me
If words could move the masses
Divide and conquer the truth

I watched you break a promise
I watched you live a life of sacrifice
You've become such a waste, such a waste

When the world burns, 
I'll still see it
Your demise
It's written in our blood

So wave goodbye to the hope we were born with, 
And say farewell to the chance of surviving
This holocaust of love, 
This age of lost souls, 
And I'm holding on with both hands
And I'm never letting go, I'm never letting go.
I want you to feel fire on your skin and burn like I did.
'Cause I'm never letting go, no I'm never letting go, no I'm never letting go.