"...Hineni mavi et hamabool maimarubot hasham al ha'aretz,
 Leshachet kol basar asher bo ruach chaim mitachat hashamaim,
 Kol asher ba'aretz yigva...
 Vemachiti et kol hayekum asher asiti me'al pney ha'adama"

May the lord eternal save his troubled child
 As he passes through rain and storm
 Behind the walls of this hallowed ark of wood
 Our prophets found a revelation, which they understood
 Onto the lands of fearful heaven comes a flood earsing all
 Landing as if a ruthless bird of prey to crush all human souls

 The lightning colors of the sky with flames of light
 Hell shines above us and the fires bright
 Erasing the works of the common man, all we hold dear is set alight

 "Bayom haze nivkeu kol ma'ayanot tehom raba
 ve'arubot hashamaim niftechu
 vemey hamabool hayu al ha'aretz"

Shattered glass reflects this shattered world, barren in the landscape here
 Thunder roars as a lion caged, heat that comes like waves of fear
 Oceans rise and rage as we watch the world powers fall
 redeeming their sinful ways with their souls
 May the truth fill their hearts, let them see the light, when they embrace their gods

 "Vehine charvu pney ha'adama...
 Shofech dam ha'adam, ba'adam damo yishapech"

Seas cover the works of timeless art
 That once brought joy to human hearts
 In halls of infamy this day shall live
 Like burning of Rome and betrayal of Eve
 Like the fire raised at the witches' stakes

 Return all earthly possessions
 As ashes you return to earth, child of God to face the divine lord who sits upon the throne - eyes sad
 Go in peace and find thy faith
 Evolve thy self and lose all hate
 So a heaven you may create

 In this world of sorrowful ways
 None shall live to see the light of day
 Some may survive to tell the tale
 If their belief shall conquer this gale
 Damnation is the punishment bestowed
 El Norra Alila the vengeful God