Unto this world I was born
(Innocence scorned)
Oaths were broken and pain bestowed
Innocence mourned
Trust betrayed, smiles were faked
Desire turned hate
Faces of loved ones (loved ones) are long decayed

Alone in this world, alone and so cold
Shiver in rain, my story unfolds
A broken vessel, endless pieces of me

Friends are now foes
Those who betray love's labours lost
A true passion play

Forked tongues drip with lies
Serpents hold me down, I cannot fly
The dark within my eyes

"I hate this place
This zoo, this prison, this reality,
whatever you want to call it..."

Saint I'm not
Pure in mind and thought
Masks I wear
In this stage we share
Will we ever bare
these fears and hopes within one and all?

"And thus I clothe my naked villainy
with old odd ends stolen forth from holy writ,
and seem a saint when most I play the devil."

Cracks they show
in the mirrors of my soul
When I break,
why do they all forsake?
Is life but a mistake?
Why do they smile when I fall apart?

Go! Pick yourself up
You are the end, now the chapter is done
Cry as you might to the gods you adore
They hear you not, as they never before