Tell me what I see is not a true reality
But a strange piece of quantum physics fantasy 
And if that's not the case then I can't help but laugh 
At where the music's going, heading for the past 
Stealing bits and parts like a musical Frankenstein 
A chorus here, a bass riff there, who wrote it? Never mind 
Bend down and pray before the god of sampling 
Make yourself by stealing other people's fame 


Club mix, dance, rap, don't tell me it's real music 
There is no soul to the so-called songs they try to sing 
Sure there are a few exceptions to the old rule 
They only reinforce what it is I try to prove 
Maybe they are the true artists in their field 
It's just too bad that they share their space with a bunch of queers 
While we're at it, let me please quickly point out 
That glorifying racial violence is a stupid fucking thing to do, assholes 

Learn to put the past behind you, don't try to bring it back 
Don'tlet your toys sonfine you unrtil your brain goes slack 
Need I remind you, you're doing nothing new 
You think that they will sign you, good luck, you'll need it too 

I'm only saying what's on my mind this point in time 
Don't want to offend anyone unless they've narrow minds 
Instead of stealing from the artist of an older age 
Creating a brand new sound, a brand new scheme of things 
I'm sure that you can see my point of view if you really try 
I'd like to see this generation build a thing that shines 
Stop digging up the bones of other people's art 
You can make your own if you stop and really try 


What the fuck's the matter with you?